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Affordable Amazon services for small businesses.

We'll set up and optimise your Amazon presence, and help with fulfilment and ongoing Amazon management.

Retail management and consultancy services, bespoke for your needs. From Amazon to the high street, Flame Retail offer services to ignite your Retail performance. 

Looking to sell your products in the UK & Europe? Flame offers an end to end solution for you. From sourcing distribution routes, to optimising and managing your Retail presence. 

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With the majority of UK internet purchasers visiting Amazon before buying, Amazon optimisation is essential. Flame Retail can ensure you have an optimised presence, and will actively drive your sales performance.   

With the majority of UK internet purchasers visiting Amazon before buying, Amazon optimisation is essential. Flame Retail can ensure you have an optimised presence, and will actively drive your sales performance.   


If you're not already selling on Amazon, Flame Retail will manage your products' Amazon set-up, and - if required - work with you to set up your Amazon fulfilment. Flame Retail's Amazon services are bespoke to your needs - so however you're structured, we can help. 

Flame Retail will work on your Amazon keywords and on-site marketing to ensure your products get found by customers. By using Flame Retail's Amazon services, your products will get found amongst the millions of available products, and our Amazon optimisation services will then help to persuade customers to buy. 

Amazon optimisation is crucial to the success of your e-commerce business. We will create your page/s, and implement Amazon optimisation techniques to maximise the performance of your Amazon presence. We will work on your page content, work with you on a review strategy, and improve the conversion rate of your Amazon listings.

If you have a direct relationship with Amazon (an Amazon Vendor) then we  will manage this relationship for you. With over 10 years experience of direct relationships with Amazon across the EU, we have extensive direct experience of Amazon management, and are perfectly placed to help guide your Amazon business in the right direction. 

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Retail Management



Whether you are looking for a retail consultancy, or for full retail management, then Flame can help. With a range of retail services, tailored to suit your business, Flame Retail offer you a comprehensive, professional, but also flexible and scalable, retail management service.

Ignite your retail performance with Flame. 


Do you need help with your retail strategy and direction? Flame will assess your current situation, and devise and execute your retail strategy. Having a clear strategy is the first step towards retail optimisation, and Flame can provide this for you. An initial consultation is FREE so contact us today. 


The retail world is hugely competitive, and retailers are very selective on the products they put on shelf. In line with your retail strategy, Flame will lead your efforts in expanding your retail presence with new partners - from initial contact to pitch.  


We'll optimise your retail presence, by retailer. We'll implement or advise on activities that can maximise your in-store visibility, and execute on conversion driving activities - from packaging to promotional strategy and marketing opportunities. 


Flame Retail will manage your relationship with your retail partners, and ensure you are enjoying the maximum exposure available both in-store and via their online store-fronts. Flame will lead your retail marketing, and implement plans in line with agreed budgets. We will immerse ourselves in your values, and act as your brand ambassador - ensuring your businesses personality is present at all times. 

Distributor Management



Distributors form an important part of many retail businesses. With their large reseller networks, they can not only assist with fulfilment with your key partners, but also enable access to a broader reseller base. Flame Retail will ensure you are with the right people, and manage those relationships. 

distributor Selection

If you don't already have a well-functioning distributor operation, Flame Retail will assess your needs, and advise on the best distributorship direction. Using our wide network of distributor relationships, we will work to facilitate listings with the distributors that best suit your needs - and who have the right industry connections for your products. 


We'll set up your products with appointed distributors, and ensure it has appropriate availability. We'll also advise on when a distributor relationship is appropriate for a retailer, and when a direct arrangement would be more advisable for you. 

distributor management

Flame Retail will manage your relationship with your distributors, and work with your appointed partners to ensure it has visibility amongst their account managers - so that they can approach their resellers, promoting your products. We'll also co-ordinate marketing campaigns - where relevant and appropriate - to gain your ranges visibility amongst the distributor reseller base. 

Field Marketing

field marketing

Field Marketing encompasses a wide range of in-store activities, that ensure your products are presented and sold in the best possible manner. Implementing field marketing for your products can help to increase your in-store conversion rate, and ensure your brand is represented as you demand.

Retail Profiling are leaders in field marketing in the technology sector. Flame Retail works in direct partnership with Retail Profiling, to offer you a premium field marketing service.


From merchandising and on-shelf compliance, to staff training and  POS, Retail Profiling assist us in optimising your retail presence - ensuring that both the in-store colleagues, and your shelf presence alike best combine to sell your products. 

Brands hold an idealistic image of their products in-store. We not only transform that image into a reality, but we manage and maintain it to the point that the reality becomes an increased ROI.

Our Field Team are experts in driving sustainable sales based on genuine product knowledge, understanding and experience. We convert in-store Sales Assistants into Brand Ambassadors, through exceptional product training.

Our mystery shopping teams follow the footsteps of a customer to gain a realistic insight into the product offering, in-store positioning and surrounding conversation.

Through attracting and engaging consumers via on-brand messaging, we successfully maximise in-store opportunities.

product training





pos displays

With professional full-time teams across the UK, Ireland and Benelux, we boast substantial reach and experience with local and overseas events, in English, Dutch & French.

Our dedicated training team have the proven confidence and ability to represent any Brand, taking responsibility for 100% of these events as they travel around the country.

Whilst important, product knowledge is not enough to create a stand-out demonstration. Understanding how to engage specific audiences through identifying their needs is what leads to a first class customer experience and sales.

Our teams conduct regular checks and visually confirm the positioning and functionality of the instore products.

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retail audits 

& compliance

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